Four rollers variable roll bending and welding

To make cones, cylinders, elliptical cylinders or forms with rounded edges, we are equipped with MG CNC roll benders: three with 4 rollers and one with 2 rollers. The largest of these have a span of 2 meters and allow us to give variable bends to sheets up to 8 mm thick, including perforated or pre-cut metal sheets. For very simple or special processes, we rely on a motorized manual roll bender with span of 1,000 mm and bendable thicknesses up to 1 mm. In operating these machines, the expert's hand plays a fundamental role.

Complementary processing: edging and bending of profiles

A LUCAS BU 800 trimming & beading machine and two HYLLUS two-shaft flanging machines allow us to perform flanging on products with diameters up to 800 mm, while with a TAURING 3-roll profile bender we can shape tubes and other metal profiles.


Welding of roll bended parts

Our welding department has two automatic CN seam welders for welding roll bended parts.