More dimensions for better cutting


Laser cutting in three dimensions

For performing 3D laser cutting on semi-finished products or tubes, we use - as for laser welding – a versatile TRUMPF TruLaser Cell 7040 that can both 3D weld and 3D cut sheets of various thicknesses, even rather high: 10 mm iron, 6 mm stainless steel, 6 mm aluminum, 5 mm brass and copper.

Series production: towards finished product

The ability to perform cuttings on complex forms of semifinished products - with the repeatability of CNC systems - is an almost natural complement to spin forming and makes it possible to supply the customer with products that are closer and closer to the finished product, in increasingly large series.


3D cutting, CAD, CAM and Solidworks

The specialists of our technical department will provide assistance in development and adaptation of CAD-CAM models used for 3D cutting: our 11 SolidWorks® solid modeling stations are a guarantee of efficiency in 3D models processing and interchange.

Industry 4.0
The direct connection of our modeling stations with CNC machines allows us both flexibility and speed of industry 4.0.