Our barcode system allows us performing a real time management of both inventory and production.


Metal sheet: quantity and variety

Sheet metals are, along with laser cutting, the heart of our fabrication process: it all starts from ametal sheet cut in a certain way.

The availability of materials in stock allows us to fulfill our customers' requests quickly, also thanks to the 400 available stations. Therefore we maintain our warehouse always well stocked with a good amount and variety of raw materials.

Steels, perforated plates and other metals

In addition to different qualities of iron, we have stainless steel, available in different combinations of mechanical characteristics and surface finishes. Furthermore we can process other metals such as aluminum, brass and copper.

We have standard sizes and thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 30 mm. The materials of common use - including perforated and embossed or textured sheets - are available from stock (for other materials we can provide them with ad hoc orders).

Automated repository for dies and molds VERTIMAG EF

After the expansion in 2018 we equipped our fabrication plants with an automatic repository VERTIMAG EF, allowing to store and organize molds and dies, punches together with other essential equipment.

Thanks to this system, the tooling of the machines is faster and easier.